Shake-Away Domestic Cat Repellent

Shake-Away for Domestic Cats is made from from a combination blend of dried Coyote and Fox Urine in a powder formula to keep Domestic Cats away. 100% organic and made with natural ingredients. Safe, Effective method of controlling animals. If a large area must be covered, use Shake Away every 3 feet, skip 3 feet, then repeat this process for maximum protection. You can sprinkle Shake Away lightly over bulbs, bushes, flowers, and your garden. Safe for humans and animals.

Available in 28.5oz, or 5-pound shaker canister.

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To create a barrier, use 1 oz. for every 30 linear feet.

The 28.5oz. canister covers approximately approx 750 square feet when applied as directed.

The 5lb jug covers approximately 3200 square feet.

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SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 3 / Ship Free!
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