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Shake-Away Small Critter Repellent

Shake-Away for Small Critters is made from Fox Urine Powder and uses the effectiveness of fox urine blended with our patented granule powder formulation to create the safest, simplest, most effective, 100% organic method to keep small animals away. Our Fox urine powder won't soak into the ground, evaporate or freeze, and it works longer and smells stronger than liquid fox urine. Shake-Away will create the illusion that preadory foxes are present in your lawn or garden, keeping small critters away.

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To create a barrier, use 1 oz. for every 30 linear feet.

The 28.5oz. canister covers approximately approx 750 square feet when applied as directed.

The 5lb jug covers approximately 3200 square feet.

The 12lb economy size jug covers approx. 7000 square feet, or an area 200 x 350 feet.

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SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 3 / Ship Free!
3 28.5oz canisters, Shake-Away for Small Animals
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